Abendis |

Abendis, experience and expertise about the Fresh Produce
Supply Chain, make us, a perfect service provider for solutions on
the fresh produce industry.

Working locally, thinking globally! Our head office in based in
Seville, southern Spain. Our office network are based in Bulgaria,
Greece and Turkey, from where we can provide customised sup-
port for your business.

Committed to quality concepts and a strategy based on: win to
win, we look for leading the closest service to the fresh produce

Abendis's consultants provides Quality services since more than
one decade. Since then, we are offering freelance services for sub-
jects that technically or economically are not convenient for you to
carry out using your own resources.

Our organization, has the expertise in different fields, to help you
with aspects as; Marketing, inspection, audit, certification, survey,
efficiency, engineering or cost reduction.

Working with us, you can reduce your risks in food safety and qual-
ity of your final product, maximising your returns by ensuring risks
and uncertainties are addressed by professionals who understand
their needs for this industry.

Working together, growing your business

Antonio Enamorado